In the same way that communication / connection of humanity is being reconfigured, this work reflects on different possibilities and new meanings of being. The film stands in the place of what is not said, in the notion of what is not yet explored or defined. “When I don’t know where to go I feel nostalgia” was conceived as a co-creation with a TV, a kind of dialogue with the device, where words are translated into a game of light and shadows, a symbiosis between the physical and digital world.
Are we made of decisions we took along the way? What are other people, then? The film’s footage of lights and colors comes off as a depiction of raw emotions and wondering thoughts.

BY  Florencia Pasquali (AR)

Flo Pasquali is an experimental visual artist from Buenos Aires, Argentina (1995). In her work, she seeks to discover and question new possibilities of conceiving time and space, through the intersection between art, science, and the combination of technologies. Currently, her interest is in the exploration between film and digital.