Oliver Carr created this film, Where Is Everybody?, as a class project while studying at Rhode Island School of Design. The assignment: take a complex topic that interests you and explain it in the quickest, most efficient way possible. Due to his all-encompassing fascination with space, he chose Enrico Fermi’s famous paradox. His greatest difficulty was that this particular theory is a very complex idea that requires a lot of peripheral information and mathematical formulas to fully communicate. It’s far too much information to properly convey in a 1-2 minute animation. So he decided to strip away as much as possible and focus on what was the most important thing about the Fermi Paradox: the question it poses.

BY  Oliver Carr (US)

Oliver Carr is a video artist and animator in Chicago, Illinois. From a young age he has been fascinated by two things: the vast emptiness of space and the vast emptiness of the human mind. His passion for understanding these forces is what drives his work today. Far away and nearby, connected and isolated: his work tries to reconcile the inefficiencies of the psyche, exploring how it works and how it doesn't.