“woodiana.today” is an experimental online forecast service developed to save the Danube’s future through speculative fabulation. Combining different data, from biological research, historical facts to usages of the ARIMA algorithm for predicting the concentration of pollutants in the Danube, “woodiana.today” is reporting on fabulated facts, facts that wont hold still. woodiana.today is represented by Woodiana, a freshwater mussel of the species Sinanodonta woodiana. As a mussel, Woodiana is a bioindicator, taking up and sensing the substances in the water, filtering all the things we pour down the drain. This way Woodiana knows quite a lot about us! These environmental factors and contamination of the water are then influencing Woodiana’s movement behaviour, leaving us with some dazzling patterns in the sand like secret symbols ready to be interpreted. So what might this mussel living in the Danube know of, anticipate and imagine that we are not capable of?

BY  Andrea Palasti (RS)

The Danube Transformation Agency for Agency (D-TAFA) is an ecofeminist and socio-artistic organisation that provides services and mediations between species. Employing hybrid practices between visual art, design and science the organisation advocates for a livable future by developing a series of experimental and experiential interventions about, around and along the Danube. The D-TAFA is led by artists and researchers Andrea Palašti (RS), Alexandra Fruhstorfer (AU), Lena Violetta Leitner (AU), Ege Kökel (AU) and Solmaz Farhang (UK). In 2021, the D-TAFA teamed up with visual artist and storyteller Sanja Anđelković (RS) and environmental chemist Jovana Pešić (RS) on the project woodiana.today, with the aim to inspire us to imagine how multiple futures on the Danube could look like.