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Video Art

Video Art

Atoms in Search of Immateriality

The PASHIAS – Artist’s Workout Guide

The New World: Variations on Stay-home Activities

Liquid Traits of an Image Apparatus

Metaphysical Grapefruit of Cognition

When I don’t know where to go i feel nostalgia

Glitching Queerness/Queering Glitch

Through the Aleph: A Glimpse of the World in Real Time

Piece for String Quartet, Forest Theatre and Damaged Drone.

Fountain “manifests” itself in 2 minutes and 5 seconds

Can I Bring Sunlight Into My Room?

In the realm of void, seeking the sun

Amsterdam, Central Station (Tram Stop)

Temple of Excitation and Exhaustion

Imagine yourself on an island in the middle of the ocean

What is a Man Without a Shadow

“Akaba-Mbele” (Tribal marks)

I closed my eyes and woke up in space

BIOMIMICRY ” Into The Light ” Bioluminescence green (532 & 520 nm)

Covid-19 in action in your body

We are such stuff as dreams are made on

Where can I look for her with eyes that cannot see

VHs in TECH: An Interview with Laura TBD


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