By using material, I tried to approach the elusive. By every meaning: my images are also physically existing objects. But physical reality has lost its relevance. Everything we create not only enters the digital space, but exists almost exclusively there. I visualize this transformation by using the automated tools and algorithms that make up virtuality. I capture and convert the signal stream to create a third reality. In Virtual – Projections, I investigated aspects of the use of the human body as a means of expression, with the consideration the impact of digitalization on aesthetic interpretations, human relationships and in nude photography as a genre. I digitized about 200 wet plate collodion and about 200 analog nude pictures. After adding nearly 400 digital test images, I automated this 793 Nudes into a single image with automatisms used in digital photo and film post-production – to create an algorithm compiled „photograph”.

BY  László Gálos (HU)

László Gálos is a collodionist, who as a creator, he explores the relationship between the subjective and „objective” reality. Testing the limits of perception and cognizance, since 2015 he has almost exclusively been using wet plate collodion in his artworks. Since then his works has been displayed at fifteen solo exhibitions as well as at over ninety group exhibitions and festivals in Hungary, Belarus, Germany, Indonesia, Italy, Lithuania, Mexico, Netherlands, Slovakia, Spain and the USA. Every year since 2017, he has won the creative scholarship of the National Cultural Fund of Hungary. In 2017 and 2019, he won the main prize at the Szentes Nude Photography Biennial. He is a member of the InstArt Group and the L1 Independent Artists Association of Public Utility.