All you can eat is an animation short film that refers to meat overconsumption in the 21st century. Instead of animals, the film metaphorically uses cartoon characters, as products. Throughout the film, the contrast between the colourful, joyful cartoon world and the dystopian, black-and-white human society, becomes clear. The protagonists of All you can eat are two non-binary gender animated characters who are in love and try to escape the humans’ trap. The film does not only refer to overconsumption and greediness, but it also discusses the decimation of a whole cartoon tribe.

Dimitris Armenakis is an animation director. He graduated the Ionian University of Audio Visual Arts and has a master degree in Animation from Royal College of Art, London. His filmography consists of: Absorbed (2017), First Thirst (2018), All You Can Eat (2019).