In his shamanic visions, the “The Devil-Grass” author, Carlos Castañeda, mentions visual sensations that refer to ovoid forms relating them to the underlying spiritual look human figures in its primordial form.
In this video, through music and images captured with a camera NIKON SLR and dealt only with dry cutting, alluded to this primordial vision, whose rhythm expands beyond the original imagery (a samba school parade), this traditional Brazilian folklore dance decontextualized in an experimental sound proposed whose stream, allows other readings and appropriations.

An allegory to the life parade….

BY  Joeser Alvarez and Ariana Boaventura  (BR)

The Madeirista Collective is a multidisciplinary group of artists who meet production and discussion of contemporary art, with works in the area of literature, net art, visual poetry, photography, performance, site-specific, urban interventions, and video art. All participating artists live and work in Porto Velho city, Rondônia, Sout Amazon, Brazil.