This video collage centers around flying drops in space and on earth along with colored rivers, a sense of curiosity, joy, and homage. Watching extreme summer weather in Berlin outside the filmmaker’s window under construction inspired the impromptu video. Her scenery and sound recordings are intertwined with memories of the selected film-, video, and photo materials, also from colleagues and agreeable archives. Nature sound combined with Paul Hubweber’s Trombone Variations and the vocal music piece Neptune’s Bellows by trio Sverdrup Balance tie all elements together.

BY  Ebba Jahn (DE)

Ebba Jahn has worked as a 16 mm filmmaker, cinematographer, sound recordist, and film docent. She holds a degree from Film and TV Academy Berlin DFFB (1984). In New York City she lived from 1991 until 2010, where she produced her last 16 mm film, studied towards a BA in Fine Arts, and worked for German public radio. After her return to Germany, she mainly painted and participated in group art exhibitions, created DVDs, video installations, and has been a curator for two film festivals. For three years she curated and organized the traveling art exhibition PAPER PAIRS with abstract artworks by 20 international artists including her own. In recent years her main focus lies on the creation of short video collages.