Between CHAOS and COSMOS, exuberant details, deep colour, achieving a sense of no simplicity and no austerity in forms on movement.

BY  Anabela Acosta (FR)

1958 b. Lisbon, Portugal. Lives in Paris Visual Artist, studies Fine Arts at Lisbon Fine Arts University (1980) e-mail : Anabela Costa is a visual artist, her work were subject of several solo exhibitions. From the eighties she becames interested and moves progressively towards the digital image. Since 2000 she is conducting research in the field of experimental film, based on two axes: the moving image -the aesthetics of representation of movement, and the formalization of thematic and scientific concepts. She made a few experimental animation combining these two research areas: Web, TIME, LIQST_liquid state, and Landscape, In Motion, which were programmed and awarded in international festivals devoted to avant-garde cinema, animation, media arts and video-arts.