“bearing” is an art video that composes Google 360° Sphere photos from Yemen with data from over 327 US military drone attacks in Yemen between 2002 to 2018. An adapted form of longitude and latitude outlines the timing of each attack, visualizing the 17 years through the camera movement. The photos are assembled in sequence to a passing day synchronized to one revolution per year. A mirror-like sphere also indicates the severity of each lethal attack which stays locked in relation to the camera. Most of the images are picturesque regions and cities within Yemen, areas of interest as photographed by Yemeni people.

BY  Greg Marshall (CA)

Greg Marshall is a video artist from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. His recent art video work has been shown at numerous experimental festivals and video art exhibitions in Scotland, Wales, USA, Germany, Russia, Belgium, Czech Republic, Austria, Croatia, Serbia, Poland, Turkey, Brazil, Australia, as well as within Canada. “bearing” was also selected for the biennial New Technology Art Award Exhibition (NTAA) Edition 2019 in Ghent, Belgium for the month of November in 2019. Often through a meditative process, his work tends to examine the effects of technology and dislocation in its various forms including military manifestations. His work tends to utilize public databases in the process. He spent a good part of his childhood growing up on military bases during the Cold War, including a NORAD air defense radar base. He is a Dean's List 1994 Fine Arts graduate from the Alberta University for the Arts (formerly ACAD). His artistic work often draws upon his technical background as a visual effects supervisor and animator where he has produced CGI and visual effects work for two major productions for the CBC’s Nature of Things.