Two Sisters, Claudia and Rachael are on an end of Summer camping trip before school starts again. They explore the local forest in search of a mysterious creature that they believe inhabits the woods. To make the trip memorable and to prove their suspicions, Rachael has set up props for Claudia to find in the Forest. Will that be all Claudia discovers?

BY  Nathan Lowry (IE)

Nathan is a recent graduate of the (BA) Hons Visual Media in Animation Degree course in Ballyfermot College of Further Education. Having studied animation for the past 4 years with a particular interest in Background Design and painting for animation. Over the past academic year, He has created the short film ‘Bewildered’ along with his team and classmates, Abigail Nangle (Lead Animator), Becky Reid (Lead Animator) and Holly Walker (Lead Writer). The film is based on the belief in the supernatural and unusual mysteries. This is Nathan's first time directing an animated film. Nathan has a love for painting and creating environments full of story, Having painted half of the backgrounds of the film. He hopes to pursue a career in Background and 2D Design for animation.