Locked inside a room, an inventor tries to solve a mysterious problem. During the last year, we all lived as suspended in isolated boxes. And alone, in a box, It is really easy to get lost. I started from this sensation to work to my first 3D short movie for an academic exam. Boxed is a story of an endless, bitter sweet search for something lost. Through a simple 3D exercise, I wanted to mix quantum theories with some interpretations of Erik Satie “Gnossiennes” in order to tell a story about obsessions, able to slowly cut yourself out of life. Ironically, making you lose exactly what you were looking for.

BY  Michele Assante (IT)

Born in 1992, Michele Assante is a freelance journalist with a degree in classical literature and an infinite passion for every kind of storytelling. As radio writer and format creator is recipient of several national and international commendations. He is now taking an MA in animation at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Naples while doing an internship as 3D generalist artist at Mad Entertainment.