A new culture arises from within a hybrid cross-front (querfront) of transhumanists, new fascists, anti-vaxxers, incels, channers, silicon valley supremacists, esoteric conspiracy theorists and uncountable genres and subgenres of all parts of life gathering in heightened states of productive contradiction and muting aggression. It is an undeniable reality of today and we embrace these new audiences with deep relaxation and post- conscious learning methods, psychic e-commerce and hooligan merch and entertaining advertisement looping all above components into a unique seamless, shameless but contradictory hybrid reality we call RED.


UBERMORGEN (AT/CH/US) is an artist duo founded 1995 in Vienna by lizvlx & Hans Bernhard. Part of the Net.Art avant-garde of the 1990s and 2000s digital actionism & concept art, UBERMORGEN celebrate a radical-subversive approach to data & matter. UBERMORGEN own 175 websites/domains and they have been featured in 3000+ news reports & reviews. CNN called them 'Maverick Austrian Business People', NY Times called them 'simply brilliant'. UBERMORGEN was featured at Centre Pompidou, Liverpool Biennial, MoMA/PS1, Sydney Biennale, MACBA Barcelona, New Museum New York, SFMoma, ICC Tokyo, Gwangju Biennale, Serpentine Galleries, Whitney Museum. Main influences: Rammstein, Samantha Fox, XXXTentacion and Pixibücher, Olanzapine & LSD, Kentucky Fried Chicken's Coconut Shrimp Deluxe & Viennese Actionism. UBERMORGEN talk at international conferences, museums and symposia and they hold the professorship for Networks at the Academy of Media Arts in Cologne