The artwork catharsis describes the „purification“ of certain affects. By experiencing misery / emotion and horror / shudder, even with pity and fear, the viewer of the tragedy experiences a purification of his soul as its effect. The artwork is visualized energy; as if something is pushing outwards from the inside, as if the surface were under pressure. My aim was to penetrate into spiritual spheres and to make the mysterious invisible visible. The Artwork „Catharsis” is part of the Shapes of the deep series. This work has been presented in international galleries. The shapes of the deep project are about to penetrate from the surface into the depths in order to explore the essence and truth of things. The work went through countless metamorphoses on this visual adventure journey until it found its final form.

Medium: Digital Painting with photography
Format: 90 x 120 cm

BY  Marco Jacconi (CH)

Marco Jacconi born in Berne, Switzerland is an artist from Zurich with Italian and Moroccan roots. His complex compositions are based on surfaces and amorphous forms and the interplay of light and shadow. Before devoting himself exclusively to art, Jacconi worked for many years as creative director in the graphic design area, where he worked for well-known companies from home and abroad. He worked exclusively in the areas of luxury, beauty and fashion. In the 1990s he belonged to the Swiss graphic design-and digital art avant-garde and influenced an entire swiss subculture with his works, which contributed significantly to a Swiss design renaissance. His works at that time were exhibited in the Kunsthalle Bern, alongside works of Ugo Rondinone and Sylvie Fleury. His latest works from the “Shapes of the deep” series were presented last year and this year at exhibitions in New York, Zurich, Milan, Shanghai / Singapore and São Paulo.The artworks of Marco Jacconi have been presented at leading galleries and art fairs in New York, Milan, São Paulo and Zurich.