Clockwise (2021) is a generative and experimental audiovisual piece that explores the concept of space-time, Zeno’s paradoxes related to the infinite subdivision of the units of measurement of space and time (dichotomy and arrow paradoxes), and their experimental abstract audiovisual representations. Different geometric patterns emerge chaotically in the audiovisual piece as they are recursively decomposed and subdivided using randomness, noise and data extracted from the audio to determine the polygonal subdivision technique to apply, the color palette to use, 3d transformation properties (position, scale and rotation) and many other visual aspects. In the visual design Toni Mitjanit was inspired by the mosaics of the pop artist Eduardo Paolozzi and the tapestries of Gunta Stölzl and the Bauhaus school, but applying a very close approach to pixel art and visual music.

BY  Toni Mitjanit (ES)

Toni Mitjanit was born in Manacor (Spain) in 1977. He is Bachelor in Computer Science in 2002 by UIB, Ph-Degree in Computer Graphics on Internet in 2002 by FUEIB, Master in Multimedia Production & Creation in 2007 by UOC, and Degree in Photography in 2010 by ESD. He works at the level of media, video art, computational art, generative design and experimental animation regularly since 2010. He explores new audiovisual expressive ways through creative coding using data visualization, human/machine interaction, autonomous agents and randomness. His works are focused on the creation of amazing animations, graphics and sound through creative coding. All his audiovisual creations are produced by coding in different programming languages (Processing, Java, C++, SuperCollider, ChucK).