CMBR project is based on the data from the Planck space telescope of the European Space Agency. By using the ESA measurements, we used a method of sonification and digital processing of data from the Planck satellite (the mapping of fluctuations in the CMBR) to convert the measurements into an ambient sound mass intertwined with randomized sequences of cosmological parameters. When listening to the results of sonification, we really listen to the data. The result of the conversion to the audio waveform with such a large amount of data opens a contemplative space for the time dimension of the past-future.

BY  Simon Serc (SI)

Simon Šerc is a sound and video artist, recording engineer, performer and label founder, active in the field of experimental music and video since 1990. He has participated on various festivals with his audiovisual projects: Miami New Media Festival, International Exhibition on New Media Art, Art & Science Days, Experiments in Cinema, Magmart, Rome Art Week, Videomedeja, Gravity Assist, Instants Vidéo, etc. As a sound and video artist, he has collaborated with other artists/collectives from various fields of art and he is also active in a number of different musical projects. His projects Bora Scura and Biodukt were selected among the best field recording albums of the year. He is also the founder of the Pharmafabrik production and label, which, according to music critics – significantly enriches Slovenian audio diversity with its consistent and clearly defined methodology of sound explorations.