I am my data. My identity is defined by the transactions I conduct. In my project, my consumer decision data become a base for further research and creation. Here, the parameters used to generate a 3D data sculpture are sourced from all financial transactions I carry out (date, company, amount, etc.) and transformed into spatial volumes. The resulting animated 3D data sculpture does not look like my passport photo, but it represents an image of how I might appear to the artificial intelligence algorithms observing me from the other side.

BY  c8400  (DE)

c8400's interest lies in systems of signs and transactions that take place within them. With technological advances, we become increasingly defined by the transactions we engage in. There is an economic value in each transaction. I am investigating the processes as well as the surplus-value contained within an economy of signs circumscribed by knowledge, affect, attention, and cognition. c8400 1982 was born in Prague in 1982 and received an MFA Academy of Fine Arts Prague 2010 and a Ph.D. at the City University of Hong Kong in 2010. Currently, c8400 lives in Frankfurt/Main in 2016.