Desilence (visuals) and Desert (music) join forces to create a new audiovisual show. An immersive, otherworldly, and inspiring show that reveals a hint of a world we can barely begin to understand. It’s possible that you’ve spent your entire life without connecting with the Source. Without asking yourself deeply and silently the meaning of the word SPIRIT. Looking for a Superior Being that actually is within you: reestablishing the CONTACT implies not only an exercise but an experience. Desilence and Desert activate divine frequencies and help you to OPEN YOUR EYES through a direct trip to the luminous unconscious, a guided meditation route titled DEEP SIGH. They created a virtual bubble where time stands still and transcends the void itself. Contemplation will take us to an abstract universe that lives within us, a setting where our thoughts become pictorial and shapes surround us. A magical place accessed by silencing our connections with the outside and submerging ourselves within.

BY  Desilence  (ES)

At the core of Desilence is the love for painting, for the captivating motion, for the beautiful and well-thought idea. The diligence to go the last mile to find the balance. We are obviously passionate about what we do. When we start a new project it is because we really burn for giving our every 100% of energy to it. Since 2005 we have been carefully creating by the name ‘Desilence’ -Big stage shows, live visuals, visual scenography, musicals, dance performances, installations- our portfolio reaches wide. We believe in research and careful crafting. But also experimenting and exploring different angles.