It's time for the annual Desert Race! Our competitors include the tortoise and the hare, a circus bear, a skiing snowman, a Humvee of soldiers, a clown car filled to capacity with clowns, and a roller-skating insect. Who crosses the desert to the finish line first?

BY  Aleksandar Vuksanovic (AU)

As a CGI Artist, Aleksandar does more than simple animation. With more than 20 years of CGI and animation production experience, he’s obsessed with innovating new ways of creating amazing content that is useful and effective. Director of Aenima company in Sydney Australia including the ownership of Aenima Snc Company a 3D Animation/Post-Production facility located in Rome, Italy. Created and directed 3D animated series Artoonic for Italian TV RAI RAI RAGAZZI and RAI YOYO. Produced and directed 3D animated short movie, Desert Racers.