We discovered a new World. A new Galaxy, a new Universe. Better: We invented it. Unlike all the other lands, planets, and galaxies that we have discovered, the digital world didn’t exist before the human being.
The “colonization” of the digital world is different from the past ones. The Digital Settlement takes place in a new land, it’s a new creation. It doesn’t take anything away from anybody, rather it creates something new. Everything is possible. But how?
We started moving the real world into the digital realm, converting pieces of reality to data. People became avatars; distances are canceled; pictures and sounds, translated into a new language, are the bricks of this new universe. Then, the acceleration of technological development disclosed infinite possibilities. The digital is no more just a reflection of the real world. A new reality can exist behind the physical space and evolve without human control.

The Unreal (2019) | Gloria López-Cleries & Sive Hamilton Helle | SP & NO | 13:50 min
“The Unreal” is a virtual landscape created with the game software “Unreal Engine”. As a conceptual exercise of techno-liberal rhetoric appropriation, “The Unreal” is a representation of techno-romanticism and colonial ideals. A guided tour to the core of an artificial mine inspired by a meditation guide. Through a metaphorical approach and a recreation of a utopian reality, it simulates a walkable immersive virtual experience. The route, marked by a speculative derive, offers a representation of the imaginary of Silicon Valley about the infinite and individual freedom. A contradictory narrative exalts the failure of techno-capitalism alternatives and the colonization of all imagined spaces.

JANMAR B17 (2017) | Estela Oliva | UK | 01:11 min
Latitude 39.58560° N. Longitude 104.89598° W. True compass bearing: 135.8761. The JANMAR B17 unit has arrived at the shipping port. Activation, data input. Clon ready. JANMAR B17 is a concept film depicting the activation of the first CLON. Set in a speculative future, the film is the initial concept story of a larger body of work inspired by sci-fi narratives and cyberpunk aesthetics, reflecting on the future of humanity.

Performance Capture: Part 2 (2015) | Mike Pelletier | CA | 03:07 min
Transmission of information.

Oligarchs (2019) | Cornel Swoboda | AU | 02:10 min
A fever dream of sweat, gold, and Synthwave music. Oligarchs is a retro-futuristic emotive concept based on photogrammetry and 3D kitbashing. A love letter to the bulky low-tech aesthetics of the 80s. A synergy of naked bodies wrapped in beautiful metals. When fashion film meets Cyberpunk meets modern art.

Optics / Art Film (2018) | Maxim Zhestkov | RU | 02:19 min
Optics is an experimental art film by Maxim Zhestkov exploring the behavior of artificial light and color in digital environments. Blending architectural gallery space with computer-generated digital glass sculptures, we encounter animated refractions, chromatic aberrations, colorful reflection, and other conditions that are impossible in reality. A series of tests and explorations guides us through different optical conditions of the bright and colorful digital universe.

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Curated by Marica Denora and Domenico Fallacara

BY  The PhotoPhore  (IT)

The PhotoPhore is a platform about contemporary art, photography, and architecture. The PhotoPhore's mission is to design, create, manage, and communicate art exhibitions, screenings, and cultural events. It was founded by Marica Denora, art project manager, and Domenico Fallacara, architect and independent curator. The duo has organized and curated online and IRL programs in collaboration with international festivals such as ADAF - Athens, Microwave Festival - Hong Kong, Festival Zero1 - La Rochelle. In 2019, concurrently with the Venice Art Biennale, they presented two exhibitions in Venice: “D/EVOLUTION”, hosted at Scuola Grande della Misericordia, with artworks by Sigalit Landau and Stefano Cagol, among the others; and “The Parents’ Bedroom Show”, in partnership with the organization Zuecca Projects and the State Gallery of Lower Austria, focused on performance by Elisabeth von Samsonow and Juergen Teller. In 2021 they will present the curated show “The Garden of Digital Delights” at the Chapelle des Dames Blanches in La Rochelle.