Excerpts of a diary sent from the future.

BY  Erick Ricco (BR)

Erick Ricco is a multidisciplinary creative for Animation, Film and Video with ten years of professional experience. He is a co-founder of Apiário Creative Studio, based in Brazil. In 2012, he was selected for the Talent Campus Buenos Aires for his work as director and screenwriter. "Egghead 1.0", a 5x1' kid's animation series that he created, was selected for the Anima Mundi Festival 2016 and was a finalist at FICI - Brazilian Children's Film Award. "To Weave", a feature documentary co-directed and edited by him, was part of Festival Internacional de Cine de Viña del Mar. "The Change", an independent short film he wrote and directed, was selected for Hamburg International Short Film Festival in 2015. “Swings and Milkshakes”, a film that he wrote and co-directed, was awarded at a number of international festivals and made the list of 100 best Brazilian animations, according to the Brazilian Film Critics Association. He was granted a public fund for the development of “Egghead”, an 11' animation series project, selected for Rio2C pitches in 2019. He is also an executive producer for the animated feature “Ana, en passant”, selected for the MIFA Pitches (Annecy Festival). In 2020, Erick was invited to curate the animation section of FIQ, the most important event devoted to comics in Brazil.