Distant Movements is a 90 min. long workshop for max 12 participants, that will lead to a 20 min. performance by the participants. Both will be online using zoom. Participants need a computer with a good internet connexion and the zoom application installed, webcam and earphones, and a quiet place to be on their own. In the workshop, guided in English by all three of of the Distant Movements members, we want to share our experience and knowledge. There will be time to delve into and practice our aesthetics of trust and attention. Conversations and attunement exercises will lead to a situation where every participant is meant to feel comfortable to engage in a bodily connexion at a distance, while being watched by an audience. With often closed eyes, we will pay attention to our own environment and carefully listen to our body while connected online to other environments that perfuse in ours.

BY  Annie Abrahams ((NL/FR))

Distant Movements is a practical research and performance project started in 2018 around the possibility of dancing together online. It has been developed by three artists of very different backgrounds: Daniel Pinheiro, Muriel Piqué and Annie Abrahams. The project has it’s own archive: https://distantmovements.tumblr.com/ Daniel Pinheiro is a performer and visual artist based in Porto, Portugal, who has been developing work in the field of Telematic Art mostly as a resource to discuss and reflect upon the impact of technology on everyday life. Muriel Piqué is a choreographic artist and performer living in Montpellier France. She is actually writing a thesis; "Pratique et Théorie de la Création Artistique" at the Aix-Marseille University. Annie Abrahams is an artist and performer, who investigates the possibilities and limits of communication under networked conditions