Concept & direction: Pedro Matias
Production: Pedro Matias
Co-direction, camera: Mathilde Renault
Microscopic camera: Pedro Matias
Editing: Mathilde Renault & Pedro Matias
Content/text & subtitles: Pedro Matias
Trans-media translation: Tatiana Rosa
Sound composition: Tatiana Rosa

(e)motional charting – Prelude, is a first iteration of an essayistic documentary research on mapping (micro) bodily-landscapes as subjectivities, in search for regenerative eco-systems. It proposes a future world where you are invited ‘to look around, inhale all the way, expand and contract rhythmically until becoming a soft, sweaty rock, insides out, flirting face off in the flowering coloured lights’. By combining imageries through the poetics of the cinematic gaze, textuality and sound, this trans-material and trans-physical work hopes to trigger a psychosomatic experience based, with different dynamics of desire. This multi-screen composition is scored in an iterative circling as a methodology for displacement. Combined with an almost forensic mapping of matter, (e)motional charting soundscape is translated from the ecosystem’s data, rendered by colour temperature, position and opacity, and engages with more-than-human intra-action (s) through generating sound.

BY  Pedro Matias (PT)

Pedro Matias is an artist and researcher exploring new flows of alternative knowledge, in the intersectional space of audio-visuais, performance and critical thinking. Pedro attempts to facilitate fluid and caring supportive structures, as support of agitation and instability, always to empower the queer (human and more-than-human) potential for political action and transformation. Mathilde Renault is a mixed-media artist combining Architecture and Visual Arts in immersive scenographies. Her research practice is anchored in the scientific and technological megastructures shaping the fabric of trans-territories. Her work speculatively explores sensory mapping systems while translating organic structures into data. Tatiana Rosa is a live electronics and audiovisual artist whose research focuses on intermedia translation. For Tatiana Art is chaos. It is made of an intricate pattern of raw human emotions, untranslatable languages and colours. This array of languages and forms of art are the main core of Tatiana’s work.