A woman maybe under attack.

A woman maybe invisible.

A woman maybe covered in gold.

A woman with a survival blanket.

A 360 camera, aimed to capture an objective view of reality, is used for the contrary; to visualize the subjective sense of reality. All angles are visible, everything is exposed and the viewer is invited to immerse into the subjectivity of emotional perception. At the same time, techniques from the beginning of experimental cinema -like overprinting and collage- are implemented in a structured and disciplined way aiming to illustrate what is not told. Artificial intelligence is utilized through computer-generated voice, and vintage documentations through sound footage collage, bringing together two non-living sound sources; one lacking emotion and one bursting emotion.

BY  Vanessa Ferle Anna Gradou (GR)

Three interdisciplinary females studying new media arts; Vanessa Ferle -neuroscientist, graphic designer, artist-, Anna Gradou -computer scientist, artist - & Vicky Michalopoulou -civil engineer, performer-, address current issues through experimentation on new media in guerilla filmmaking.