In an endless stream of information, take time for a quiet. Create a motionless world to swim at your own pace, enjoying the contemplation of the surrounding and inner world. Immerse into a world of harmony and light. Pause the struggle and unceasing chase. Enjoy the present. The movement is endless. The path starts from nowhere and goes nowhere. Our smooth journey through winding paths permeated by subtle relationships. This journey is meditation in a 360-degree video format.

BY  Julia Shamsheieva, Eugene Shamsheiv (UA)

Julia Shamsheieva is a 3D and motion graphic artist from Odessa (Ukraine). Working in the field of visual communications for 10 years, she was also developing as an audiovisual artist, gradually creating a personal aesthetic in the purview of video art, lighting installation, and projection mapping. Jul takes part in different light festivals all over the world. Her projection mapping works brought her grand-prize at Circle of Light (Moscow) and 1minute Projection Mapping (Japan) festivals, where she was also noted as the first female winner. Making beautiful shows for people of all ages, carrying positive and vivid emotions are her main principals. Eugene Shamsheiev has a master degree in Electronics and Communications Engineering. Eugene conducted a study in different fields of electronics, human-device interaction, and human-computer interaction(HCI). Developing interactive installations based on sensors, 3D cameras, and Unity engine. Get involved in machine learning and AI implementation in current projects.