360 VR montage [stereoscopic: up/down. 360-180] sequences of rotten fruit turning slowly and changing its color independently for each eye. Film made with experimental stereoscopic techniques. Sound with electric bass guitar and effects. For proper viewing it is necessary to use an Oculus and a stereoscopic movie player such as Whirligig VR Media Player with VR 360 stereoscopic configuration.

BY  Francisco Sanmartin (ES)

Francisco Javier Sanmarti╠ün is a multimedia artist, PhD in Fine Arts and professor at the Department of Painting - Universitat Polite╠Çcnica de Vale╠Çncia. As a member of the research group Laboratorio de Luz. he has have participated in projects that have been exhibited in: Greenspace - Valencia, LABoral Centro de Arte y Creacio╠ün Industrial - Gijo╠ün, ZKM | Zentrum fu╠łr Kunst und Medientechnologie - Karlsruhe, Centro Pa╠ürraga - Murcia, Espace Brasseurs - Liege-Belgium, Ludwing Forum - Aachen. Germany, Espai d'Art La Llotgeta-CAM - Valencia, Centro Andaluz de Arte Contempora╠üneo - Sevilla, IVAM- Valencia, he has also exhibited his personal work at: Lui╠üs Adelantado Gallery - Valencia, Sala Amadis - Madrid, CCE - Lima, EACC - Castello╠ün and I have participated in international experimental film festivals such as: Future Vision Festival - Tokyo, ANNY: Animation Nights New York, ALC videoart festival - Alicante, The International 3D-stereo Film - Moscow, ExperimentoBio - Bilbao, Engauge Experimental Film Festival - Seattle, Festival Internacional de Cine Silente - Mexico.