Making a faithful adaptation of Greek mythology for kids is challenging. Greek gods are known to love and lust, seek revenge or behave irrationally, but each one of them has a unique and fascinating story to be told. I have decided to leave out the incest, violence and erotic themes, but to keep the personalities and backstories of the characters, and add many references from the myths.

BY  Gaylord Cuvillier (FR)

My name is Gaylord, I'm a French 2D animator and creator of Gods'School, an independent animated web series about Greek mythology. In mid-2018, Gods'School has received the support of the French National Center for Cinema and Animation (CNC). This aid helped me to start the production of the episodes on YouTube. The three episodes have so far exceeded 9M views and I am currently working on episode 4. However, each episode takes me around 8 months of work. As I am working alone from home, I had to make compromises in terms of production to bring the episodes to life. Working together with a production company in the future, would be the opportunity to bring new skills, resources and creativity to the project, and lead to better decision-making in the development and production of the series. And Gods'School would have its chance to grow faster and better.