Grey Area is a video art-animation piece representing a place in our perception, in our mind where ideas are combined and where nothing and everything makes sense. The animation presents this part of mind where I gathered and put together three years of my life. The windows and blocks represent every memory ever, from the first until one of my last ones. We live, accept and see bits and parts of the real world. Grey Area represents a three-minute impresion of one of my inner forming worlds.

BY  Eduard Fulop (RO)

Eduard Fulop is someone who likes to play with moving images, from video art to animation and movies. He is currently based in Romania, Transilvania. He tends to experiment with combining static representations, drawings, lines, dots, images, collages and put them together in a moving sequence, overlapping them, and forming new representation of a known image. I try to twist the perception of my public into interpreting and finding new images in my work. We construct our inner world meaning, the one we choose what to see.