A couple walks hand in hand along a path in a city, what kind of couple they are is only revealed as they approach the end of the walk…I first imagined a couple walking hand in hand that would pan out to reveal that they were not a couple but a pair of disembodied arms…I worked on what might be at the end of the arms later… no dialogue.

BY  Chris Furby (UK)

Chris Furby is an Artist, curator, filmmaker, and photographer who lives in London.. Educated at Camberwell School of Art, London. BA 3D Design. Although always involved with video in his time he has been an assistant to a sculptor, a designer of badges and satirical photomontage for magazines and newspapers. Commissioned by Channel 4 TV to make a video pilot in its early years. Since 2002 he has concentrated on the production of short and feature digital films. His work has been shown in many film festivals and art venues around the world. His experimental feature ‘In the Dark’ is distributed by SMG and is on Amazon Prime.