A lament of visual data -retrieved from reporters’ videos during the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine- moshed to the sound of bomb explosions and traditional Ukrainian mourning songs. Bombings and their explosions are a time capsule; having double temporal dimensions. The immediate chemical reaction that releases a vast amount of energy and light, and the distant one that hurts humans and causes the explosion of blood. This video-art piece, suppresses time and attempts to visualize the whole dimension of bombings. In parallel, new media techniques like data moshing are combined with analog music, to produce a contemporary hybrid that links history with today, and emphasizes the timelessness of human pain and suffering.

BY  Vanessa Ferle (GR)

“An interdisciplinary female human, born by the sea, combining arts, design and science; through experimentations, correlations, and collisions.” Vanessa Ferle is an artist, graphic designer and neuroscientist. She has studied biology and neuroscience at School of Science of the National Kapodistrian University of Athens and at Medical School of Athens, and digital arts and new media at Athens School of Fine Arts and University Paris 8 Vincennes-Saint-Denis. She is combining her interdisciplinary interests in art projects and artistic research. Her research focuses on the affective side of art in correlation to anthropomorphism. In specific, her focus is on the representation of animals per se and on the animal essence that automation, machines and smart technologies infuse into digital art, and the emotional response of humans to this “animal-effect”. She has present her works of VR, AR, digital images, experimental and animation film in various festivals.