Human is an expression of the changing nature of humanity set to music as synthetic performers self-assemble and come to life. Combining music and cutting edge 3D animation technology, the synthetic performers express that individuality may be the key to being human. Even for a synthetic organism, repeating their programming reflects the same growing loss of humanity seen in modern society. The more we try to be like everyone else and go through the motions, the less human we become. The challenge to redefine her programming gives us a glimpse into the shifting boundaries of humanity.

BY  James William (US)

James William is a filmmaker with a specialization in VFX Production and IP development for film, TV, Animation, and Scientific R&D visual research. He earned his Bachelor's in Neuroscience at the University of Southern California (USC), two Master's degrees including his MFA in VFX from AAU San Francisco, intellectual property studies at Harvard University Law School, Computer Science and Electrical Engineering studies at USC Viterbi, and research at Stanford University. He specializes in VFX Animation, Compositing, Concept and Story Development, Cinematography, Art Direction, Post-production, and Pipeline Technology Development.