A brief journey searching for light, textures, shapes, sounds, vibrations. Around us. Shooted over three countries (Italy, France, Mauritius) in four years, the film is made with 4 expired Super 8 reels (Smena and Kodachrome) developed with Caffenol C at home and digitalized with a mirrorless camera. The audio is made with various field recordings and sounds I collected over the years, like the Adriatic sea, birds from Mauritius, an old clock in Chantilly castle plus Beta and Delta frequencies with elements of “Sun sonification” by NASA.

BY  El Zoid (FR)

Gianrico Di Gennaro (a.k.a. El Zoid) is an outsider artist focused on video art, non-narrative, and nonsense film/video. He is involved in "lo-fi" photography and experimental music research producing all the music and soundscapes for his works. Born and raised in Italy, he also lived and worked in England and in the Republic of Serbia. Actually, he lives in Paris, France.