“Invading Space Characters” is a net- and game-based web project: A “canon” at the bottom of the screen can be navigated left and right by the mouse along the x-axis. Horizontally also a text block is moving above: A prose poem about losing memory. The text is reflected from the left and right screen edges while falling down continuously. On mouse click bullets are fired, which crash the single characters and leave a gap inside the text. The possibility to read the text is in radical conflict with the game’s aim, which is won in the moment, when the text is completely deleted. The procedure gives haptic qualities to the text. The almost used principle of decoding characters is uncovered and refused.

BY  Vera Sebert (DE)

Artistic works in the border areas of visual media, language, film, computer programs: Computer code allows the adaptation of all other media whose properties are imitated, fragmented and reassembled in virtual space. The hybrid exposes the categorical separation between artistic image and text production and creates a space for experiments that explore the mesh of code, image, sound and language in a digital environment. https://verasebert.com