Isolation is about being quarantined alone and having nothing but your self and your own thoughts. Isolation started as a film about “home”. As the Covid-19 pandemic spread, California quickly shut down. The crew, actors and equipment were also in lock-down but I still had a borrowed camera, a space to work in and myself as the subject. The theme “home” took on a new meaning, “Isolation”. I shot every location I use in the space to show the limited range of motion, like a caged animal in a zoo. I created a rhythmic sound design with elements to underscore the surreal reality many of us have found ourselves in.

BY  Christopher Wooten  (US)

Christopher Wooten is an artist and filmmaker in the San Francisco Bay area. Chris works in a variety of mediums and genres from fine art to animation to documentary and narrative fiction films. His current projects include collaborating with other filmmakers in editing, graphic design and animation for performance art films and documentaries. Over the last two years Chris shot a documentary in mindfulness and sound in Japan with plans to expand into other countries for a series that explores shared sensory experiences across cultures.