Based on Lefebvre’s theory, modern humans are restricted to the repetitive daily rhythm forced on them by the state, culture and economy. But there are certain moments that get you out of this rhythm into new ones that are more in sync with our body and nature. These are the moments that make you feel truly alive. But even these moments can get ordinary and become repetitive.

BY  Homeira Baghbanmoshiri (IR)

Homeira Baghbanmoshiri, an Iranian artist, currently studies Art Theory in Kobe University, Japan. There exists a philosophical and sociological concern in her works which originates from living in a middle eastern society influenced by modern culture. She tries to create a bridge between different cultures which can lead to a common language and novel ways of communication apparently faraway societies. Such arrangement of form and content includes her previous work on designing a board game based on the epic Iranian story of “Shahnameh”. Her artistic work is influenced by both Iranian traditional visual art and Japanese anime style. Homeira is now working on an intercultural character design project inspired by these ancient eastern culture.