Living Pages is an original poem that is expressed while being contemplated. It is a work of virtual reality based on unconscious interactivity. It is a new form that materializes, in real time, the mental images generated by the user and conveyed by words. Although LIVING PAGES is first and foremost a visual, sound and spatial experience in which the user is led to feel rather than understand, form and content are inextricable. Indeed, the whispered verses interact with the visual environment to explore how technology transforms us on the one hand, and on the other hand how we can still marvel in a world dominated by algorithms.

BY  Maxime Cotton (BE)

Maxime Coton (1986) is a writer and media artist living and working in Brussels. For his videos and books, he has won several awards in Belgium and abroad. His multidisciplinary approach naturally led him to create transmedia environments, in which he explores interactivity. In his artistic work he aims to find balance between poetic and political topics. An experience by Maxime Coton Written by Maxime Coton and Paula Kehoe, based on a poem by Maxime Coton Visual Design - Jamil Medahoui Sound Design - Mathilde Lacroix Voice - Charlotte Allen Mixing - Rémi Gérard Interactivity - Demute Studio A BRUITS production, in coproduction with Saoi Media and Transcultures. With the support of la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles, la SACD and of pILEN. Developed with the support of the European Creators' Lab