‘Lockdown’ is an Unreal Fellowship film completed for the Women Creators Program. The theme given was ‘fusion’ and this film expresses the director’s (Natalie Millar Jadhav) sense of isolation experienced while contained in her appartment during the pandemic. She had been under some degree of lockdown for over a year in Mumbai when she made this film. She had also been covid positive just a few weeks before, and she had been totally confined in her apartment for 17 days and placed under guarded restriction. Small connections with nature were those ‘fusions’ with life that made Natalie able to stay sane in an otherwise stressful situation. Sometimes even the smallest encounter with another living being or a reminder of the natural living world is enough to get us through dark times.

BY  Natalie Millar Jadhav (IN)

Natalie grew up in Australia, and now lives in Mumbai, India. She has been involved in film, television, VFX and animation internationally for more than 20 years. As well as managing VFX projects for top level international studios, she has also worked as an associate creative producer and completed several feature films and episodic projects. Alongside commercial work, Natalie has undertaken several research projects, which brought her to India and has interests that include virtual production. She recently completed an Unreal Fellowship with the Women Creators Program by Epic Games India.