Music Video by Marta Stražičić
Born as a small machine, the Little Android will learn everything it takes to survive in this world. While on a journey to find its identity, Little Android discovers charms of unknown levels. It will learn of Love, of Instincts, of attachments and care. All learned is uploaded to his successors. Music written, performed, recorded, produced and engineered by Pi (Ivana Picek).

BY  Marta Strazicic (HR)

Mag. art Marta Strazicic (1995.) also known as Pirate_Sheep, is a multimedia artist and animator from Croatia. Uncanny creatures that roam her work are the muses of newly born ideas in her projects. A source of continuous inspiration since an early age, with a dash of humor and joy her main tools of expression are VR, 3D animation and digital stills.