Using digital scenography and soundscapes, we create artificial landscapes that users can explore from their own space. Having as a starting point a simulation of the physical space that surrounds us when entering the digital space, users can continue their navigation to discover and interact with the parallel atmospheric worlds that are produced using digital representations of everyday objects or nature elements placed in non-spaces or digital voids. Through these virtual spaces we are reproducing digital reflections of ourselves in our bedrooms, daydreaming (or night-dreaming) and looking at the internet and the digital information universe for fuel in our imagination or as a space where our day(night)dreaming takes a physical form albeit digitally physical. It’s a safe space where no data is collected, a space where the web surfer can pause a little, relax, meditate and leave the page as a screensaver.

Katerina Magarini is an architect, web designer and new media artist based in Athens. Her practice focuses on microhistory and poetics of the everyday, transmedia and location-based storytelling, participatory art and urban commons. She uses all kinds of mediums, from drawing and writing to interactive fiction and games to capture experiential space and explore collective memory and personal history in the urban and the digital environment. Anastasis Priftis is a musician, a sound artist and an engineer based in Athens, GR. He is particularly interested in aural space, its relation to the visual and the metaphysics of sound and music. He draws from the familiarity (or not) of sounds from the field and by the physicality of synthetic sounds. Anastasis explores sound through various mediums - concrete musical compositions, collective or individual performances, physical & digital installations and film.