The work is titled after its namesake, My Waters. Moving across urban space surveilled is not something unbeknownst to us. In 2016, the Public Utilities Board of Singapore launched a mobile application called “My Waters”. This uploads a screenshot every two minutes of different places susceptible to flash flooding. The screenshots can be accessed on your phones by downloading the application. The clips are artifacts of durational performances that I conduct in this cyberspace. The end of the video at the two-minute mark signifies how long it takes to take any single frame for this work.

BY  Dave Lim (SG)

Dave Lim (b. 1994) is a visual artist and filmmaker and has exhibited internationally. He graduated from Yale-NUS with BA (Hons) in Urban Studies. His work has won multiple awards such as the NTU Global Digital Art Prize and the Objectifs Documentary Award. Coming from a photojournalistic and research background, most of the work reflects greater conceptual concerns ranging from religion to society at large.