“Never home alone: multispecies perspectives” is a portrait of a domestic space, seen through the perspectives of plants, bacteria and objects inhabiting it. Immersive video technology is used in a quiet way to place the viewer in non-human p.o.v.’s around domestic interiors. Excerpts of text pop up occasionally as suggestions to direct the gaze. During the quarantine, the living, breathing, even uncanny qualities of homes got heightened into bubbles of activity for human and non-human interactions. Within such ecosystems, computers function as social hubs and professional stations, adding whole new layers over an otherwise private space. “New habitats we have unintentionally invented. Refrigerators and freezers that can get as cold as the coldest tundra. Ovens hotter than the hottest desert and water heaters as hot as hot springs.” (Text from the book Never Home Alone by Rob Dunn)

BY  Myrto Vratsanou (DE)

Myrto Vratsanou is an artist based between Athens and Cologne. She studied at the Athens School of Fine Arts, the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, the Sandberg Instituut and the Academy of Media Arts Cologne on an Onassis Foundation scholarship. Vratsanou’s spatial, moving image and performative practice revolves around non-linear queer time and the haunted and sensual aspects of technology, digital and material spaces. It has been presented in shows and screenings internationally, including in Weltkunszimmer Düsseldorf, Temporary Gallery Köln, Meinblau Projektraum Berlin, Neverneverland Amsterdam, Chisenhale Gallery, A.Antonopoulou Gallery, the Benaki Museum and the Thessaloniki Centre of Contemporary Art. Her work is included in the collection of the National Bank of Greece. Besides her individual practice, she’s been involved in collective projects, such as the student-run project- space Circuits+Currents, the Documenta14 Chorus and Spaces of Reflection project in the context of the 10thBerlinBiennale.