This new selection curated by Maurizio Marco Tozzi presents some of the most interesting authors who participated in the last editions of Over The Real. Artists who contribute to the evolution of the aesthetic and semantic abilities of the different video art languages. The works illustrate new visions to get out of a world full of loneliness, violence, and an unbalanced economy and also invite the public to seek a new awareness and balance, overcoming the thresholds of perceptions and the space-time dimension. Something truly profound seems to happen in the faint darkness of the human condition, and sometimes a small breath can change things.

In search of poetry (2018-19) Eleonora Manca | IT | 03:06 min
Do you think that poetry is still valid as a form of personal expression? In conclusion: poetry. Because searching is not asserting, but rather asking, the video – unable to define the last sentence – reverses it all into the form of a question. That means connecting voids. Not the usual closed form, but a breath. A breath asking if there are any poets willing to question any possible poetical dimension implicit in every object, instant, image, emotion. Being involved, then, in the experience of astonishment. So, searching poets assumes the urge to shape a new language. A poetical hybrid where the word itself is an image (and vice versa).

Hidden Memories (2019) | Anna Beata Baranska | PL | 03:09 min
The film “Hidden memories” is an attempt to take part in an ongoing discussion about pedophilia among priests. The problem is shown through symbols, signs, and pessimistic tones compel us to reflect. Two worlds have been confronted here. First: sensitive, joyful, and defenseless – the world of a child. Second: dark, disturbing, cold, and alien, which is here represented by nature. But this landscape is also a synonym of harm and pain experienced by a pedophile victim. An important element of the whole is the sky – heaven. Clouds are symbolically arranged in the image of Christ’s face during a few seconds and their dark color isn’t the one that heaven should have…

Blackhole Edge (2019) | Apotropia | IT | 06:39 min
Although there is no univocal perception of the nature of suffering, there is a close link with a vision of existence that is always declined in the space and time of cultural evolution. The irruption of the potential infinity of pain in people’s lives alters and transforms their vision of the world, as well as their personal knowledge of death. The moment when the unity of man is shattered by the experience of pain, new measurement and configuration takes place. It’s the beginning of the construction of a new self-image. Blackhole Edge is one of the chapters of DROP, a work divided into several autonomous parts focusing on the dialectical relationship between the concept of Infinity and Control as a fundamental issue of human nature.

Strange Attractors (2020) | Jing Wang & Harvey Goldman | CN/US | 05:16 min
Amid the ineffable uncertain void of Shiva’s gamma annihilation and one-grain avalanches, the frenetic and torpid whorl of gluons and muons, shudder and judder upon the soul of Democritus. Heisenberg’s bifurcations, the restless swarming of Yin and Yang are reckoned in the ephemeral pirouettes of Dirac’s space and time. The “visual music” collaborations of Jing Wang and Harvey Goldman attempt to produce synesthesia like experience. The audience is encouraged to “see” the music and “hear” the visuals. The imagery and audio components are constructed without hierarchy, a true melding of sound and image.

Dreamlike of a present future (2019) | Lino Strangis | IT | 04:49 min
Dreamlike apparitions of an android brain that visualizes an allegorical dimension in which the difference between past, present, and future is blurred. The race towards a consumption increasingly disconnected from the real needs of the peoples seems to reach the limits of sustainability and the earth gets irritated, nature rebels in unexpected ways while even if we know for some time we are facing disaster and today we see clear signs, let’s not stop accelerating.

The Glitch and the Fire (2019) | Alessandro Amaducci | IT | 06:19 min
Alternate version of the work made for “Le Ballet de la Nuit”, a project initiated and coordinated by Centre de VidĂ©danse de Bourgogne (Marisa C. Hayes & Franck Boulège). A digital reinterpretation of the “Sabbath” part of “Le Ballet de la Nuit”.
dancer: Stella, choreography: Anna Maria Bruzzese

Bleed (2020) | Igor Imhoff | IT | 04:40 min
Bleed is the story of a portion of this oscillating time. From the ashes of the umpteenth fall, a civilization is reborn distinguishing itself with its symbols and evolves until, when it reaches its peak, everything collapses revealing the nervousness, the latent and declared violence, the consequent human, the social and environmental cost of a race from the irremediable conclusion and unable to offer a real escape route.
Music: Lunakid

Curated by Maurizio Marco Tozzi
Maurizio Marco Tozzi is a curator of contemporary art. He has focused his research on the audiovisual language and the relationship between creativity and new technologies. He has curated exhibitions in important galleries and museums and he regularly takes part in lectures and talks about contemporary art. His last essays are: Gianni Melotti, art/tapes/22 video tape production (Giunti publisher, 2017), and The Italian Video Art (Danilo Montanari publisher, 2016). He is a lecturer in Digital Culture at Alma Artis Academy of Pisa.

BY  Over The Real Video Art Festival  (IT)

Over The Real - Videoart International Festival - was born in 2015 by an idea of Maurizio Marco Tozzi e Lino Strangis. Over The Real presents the most significant lines of research that emerged in recent years in the international audiovisual arts. Every year the works are selected by an important curator’s network. Over The Real shows up at historical locations of Lucca (Italy). The Festival presents also installations, multimedia performances, workshops, and talks by the presence of important artists and media art experts.