Journey into a decimated future-ethereality – a collaborative piece between Venice biennale artist Daniele Bongiovanni and Intermedia artist
[ a y s h ]. ‘OrbiLux’ showed at multiple exhibitions around the world.

Music/Edit/3D – [ a y s h ] – Ayshia Taskin Paintings – Daniele Bongiovanni

OrbiLux is a collaborative video art piece between Intermedia artist Ayshia Taskin and Italian conceptual painter Daniele Bongiovanni. It was created as a response to digitize painting and visualize the connection between the physical, social, and metaphysical/digital realm. Since we are occupied with the digital realm OrbiLux explores this phenomenon in an ethereal manner by using multi-layering techniques, CG character design, and conceptual painting.

BY  Ayshia Taskin (UK)

Ayshia Taskin Intermedia and interdisciplinary artist based in Scotland. Responsible video editing and technical aspects of multimedia art with the production of sound and moving image making, printmaking, installation, web-based and performance art. Her practice focuses on the use and merging of high- and low-tech production methods. For her, all methods of production playfully explored and experimented with. Her works shown in Venice [Surfaces Festival] and [The Festival of Contemporary Art] in Athens for Whistle Project, in the USA at Ely Centre for Contemporary Art, Screen-print Biennial and the Trans-cultural Exchange in Boston and many web-based shows. Daniele Bongiovanni Palermo-based prominent Italian conceptual painter twice selected to show work at the Venice Biennale. His painting focuses on natural space, liminal and the human figure. His subjects, although inspired by external reality, have an idealized and rarefied configuration, characteristics motivated by a profound conceptuality. Over the years he has created various thematic cycles, which he presents, in museums and galleries, in major Italian and International cities.