Inside a house, a boy witnesses how a soldier from the Blue Army kills his father. After joining the Red Army and becoming an adult, the orphan finds the murderer’s house and enters to take revenge. When he is about to shoot, he discovers that the murderer has two little sons. Will he condemn them to the same fate?

BY  Daniel Collazos (CO)

Daniel Collazos, Cali, 1996. Degree in Literature from the Universidad del Valle. 11th Caminos de la Libertad para Jóvenes 2020 (Mexico) for his animation "The flight of the butterfly." His short film “Orphan”, winner of the Takeshima Award for one of the best four short films of the 2020 Diploma in Audiovisual Production, was part of the official selection of the Cefalù Film Festival (Italy), the LetNetworks Latino Film Festival (Washington DC, United States), the Veracruz World Film Festival (Mexico), the Cinémoi Feature Film Selections (California, United States) and the Curitiba Animation Festival: Animatiba (Brazil). It was also screened at the Censurados Film Festival in Lima (Peru), the Southern Film Festival (Pereira), the International Film Festival of Cali and the Viral Culture section of the Secretary of Culture of the city of Cali.