Panda for the Prosecution is a visual novel, inspired by classic court dramas, filled with pandas, terrible puns, and unexpected twists! You are an attorney defending a bamboo, standing trial for the treacherous murder of Pandom (Πάντασμα), yes a Panda that has now turned into a phantom. Object fellow attorney, as it is clear that Panjustice Dredd (Παντοδίκης Ντρεντ) just wants to get over with this trial to go to lunch, and the fastest way to do so is by finding your client guilty! What if your client is indeed guilty though? What if Pandom has gone crazy demanding justice for his untimely death? What if there is a murderer that has nothing to do with the bamboo? Play Panda for the Prosecution and find out! Panda for the Prosecution was conceived during the Panda-mic Game Jam, and is currently only available in Greek.

BY  Vasilios Karavasilis (GR)

Panda for the Prosecution was created by Vasileios Karavasilis, Georgia Skartadou, and Christina Chrysanthopoulou. Vasileios is a co-founder of eNVy softworks and a seasoned programmer and game designer. He has worked on several games and enjoys helping people get into game development. Georgia Skartadou is an architect, artist, and game designer with great interest and academic/professional background in new media technologies and the narratives they can unravel. Christina Chrysanthopoulou is also an architect and artist, with a few publications, a couple of awards and distinctions, and a fair sum of participation in art and games festivals. She is a co-founder of ViRA. Vasileios and Georgia have worked together on other projects such as “A Day in the Colony”, exhibited in the same festival a few clicks away. Christina and Vasileios, as members of eNViRA, have created a variety of games and experiences, with the most memorable being Cacophony.