The frantic hunt for changing what is new has always been a pleasure condition. Collectors of adventure here and now crave to become the ones they always wanted to be. Craving for sleep, Nutella pie, and mask removal. Mimicry, TV, and spiral… They are not only accumulating things and symbols, but they consume even things that have not yet acquired tangible embodiment. “Buy and enjoy, as prophets say.”

BY  Milan Mazur (SK)

Milan Mazur (* 1989) is the creator whose visual language is constantly balancing the edge between the spectacularity of contemporary mass visuality and its questioning, including the critical and social subtext. His videos and films enter a wider installation framework in which the author often uses the contrast of common objects and expressive deconstruction. It constantly moves between the submissiveness of the artificial sweetener of consumer culture and hides ubiquitous existential anxiety. In Slovakia, the born artist is a graduate of the studio of inter-city confrontations of the Prague UMPRUM and currently lives and works in Prague.