(2019) Interactive Light & Sound Installation.
Dimensions variable.

Plastic sheet, LED, motor, data, Raspberry Pi, Arduino & custom software.
“Plastic Sea” is a comment on the increasing pollution of seas with plastic debris. A plastic sheet is covering the entire room and moving giving the illusion of a sea. There is a touchscreen with an interactive map of the earth. The installation selects a random spot form the 5 ocean gyres and the Mediterranean sea and according to the amount of the plastic debris found there, it changes the magnitude of the plastic sea’s waves. The visitor can also interact and select a spot from the map.

The visitor selects a spot on the world map. The installation will read the plastic pollution data of this spot and will adjust the height of the waves. The more the plastic pollution, the higher the waves on the plastic sea. The installation will also emulates the light conditions of the selected spot on the map and adjust the light to sunrise, day, sunset and night.

BY  Yiannis Kranidiotis (GR)

Yiannis Kranidiotis is an artist whose work explores the relationship between science and art using mainly light, motion and sound to create spaces and experiences where all coexist and interact. He is interested in physical phenomena like the harmonic oscillation, the natural repeatability and the wave movement and also in exploring and transforming scientific data, like the properties of the exoplanets or the solar wind. The increasing pollution of the planet with plastic and the effects on the oceans and on the environment in general are issues that also affect his practice. Many of his works include motion and interaction where others includes data processing and sonification methods. This requires a cross-disciplinary work with sound, visual arts, coding, electronics and physics. He has a BS in Physics from University of Patras and M.Sc. in Optics from Essex University.