This is a 2D platformer puzzle game, with pixel-art graphics, set in a post-apocalyptic scenario. The protagonist is a robot that is damaged and has to find its parts to Re-Pair itself. The real repair though isn’t about the robot, but the world itself!

Special Credits:
Panagiotis Mpraikidis (Hollow) who is responsible for the music, sounds and voice acting of the game!

BY  Orama Interactive (GR)

We are an independent team of game developers created in 2012. Our mission is to create fun games that not only entertain the players, but have deep meanings or are educational, because we believe in our vision of creating a better world. Video games are a combination of technology and art, which are the best tools for improving our society. We renamed our team from "Orama Game Studios" to "Orama Interactive" because our focus isn't just games, it's interactive media in general! We found Orama Interactive when we were still in school, because we wanted to learn how to make games for fun. Now, we are making more interesting games, which we will publish, so we can share our creations with the rest of the world! Website: