Recalling Terabytes is a music video displaying an enormous database of video files in an industrial and imaginary environment. Users are collecting media files and storing them on hardware they don’t own. Data storage has always been important in development of new technologies. This is a tribute to all the
hard drives holding terabytes of important data. Standard holiday memories are shown, but as the camera zooms out, and we see fragments of other videos in space, the viewer slowly understands that there are more and more of files, until the quantity of them is elusive. Infinite quantity of material is breathtaking.

BY  Jakub Pisek (SK)

Jakub Pišek, an eastern Slovak hacktivist devoted to live multimedia performance is connecting people and technologies in surrounding environments. His background is interdisciplinary, holding degrees in visual and performing arts, software prototyping and computer science. He is a user of open source hardware and software and works in the intentions of DIY. Cooperation with , Dalibor Kocian, started already a decade ago, but as new projects and techniques appear floating between performed events, more and more connections appear. Early Millennial is Dalibor's second moniker, besides his more known nickname Stroon. EM is a retrospective trip to previous decades and Recalling Terabytes comes from the EP Infant Territories. The phrase can be used for a certain sensory perception (scent, sound, taste...) that is connected to one's past and overwhelms people by terabytes of memories when they have a sensory experience of it.