An astronaut tries to take the first selfie on the moon but then something happens. This film was produced and animated by Prabhu Rajaganapathy and was showcased at Woodbury University's Annual Animation showcase. Prabhu was awarded as the MVP for senior thesis. He was also able to help his classmates with their projects as well. He helped five other students with their thesis films.

BY  Prabhu Rajaganapathy (IN)

Prabhu Rajaganapathy was born and raised in Southern India. After finishing high school, he wanted to make a big change in his career. Prabhu achieved a degree in Bachelor of Fine Arts in Animation in 2019. Through his 4-year college experience, he’s taken multiple internships that have provided animation visual effects and production experience. Prabhu was also a Resident Advisor and Resident Hall Association leader amounting to a sum of 2 years of student leadership experience. Towards his senior year at Woodbury University, he created a 2D animated sci-fi film titled “Space Epic”. He received the MVP award for outstanding performance and his film had been selected into numerous film festivals. Prabhu currently works at Netflix Animation as a Production Assistant and is looking forward to creating and working with amazing talents in the Animation Industry.